SEEKER’s Free and Personal Versions only allow for PDFs. SEEKER’s Professional version allows for PDF, TXT, JSON, DOC, RTF.

The SEEKER Free version has a 1,000-page storage capacity, the Personal version has a 25,000-page storage capacity, and the Professional version has a 100,000-page storage capacity.

You can search within multiple Word documents with SEEKER’s Professional version. However, you could also use SEEKER’s Free version if you convert them into PDFs before uploading.

You can search within multiple PDF documents with SEEKER’s Free, Personal, and Professional versions.

Yes, SEEKER can be used as a research paper assistance tool! Find hidden relationships between keywords, phrases, and concepts and see your data visually through augmented visualization. There are many ways that SEEKER can assist you with your research papers.

Yes, SEEKER allows you to search between multiple Word and PDF documents at the same time in the Professional version.

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