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What’s the Best Advanced PDF Search Tool in 2022? Meet SEEKER.

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As a collective, over 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are processed online every single day. This data is in the form of internet searches, social media content, emails, text messages, photos, and shared documents. 

If you’re online as a student or working professional, you’ve dealt with many PDF files. Individuals in the legal, healthcare, science/technology, and education sectors can spend vast amounts of time searching through, uploading, and editing documents online. 

In our current age of technology, it’s essential to utilize the tools that are available to us. Search tools help us sift through information quickly, easily, and reliably to protect our limited time and attention! We’d like to introduce you to a revolutionary tool that can be used for simple searches and complex data analysis.

What’s the Best Advanced PDF Search Tool to Use in 2022?

SEEKER is the best PDF search tool on the market today. It has a friendly user interface, loads of storage capacity, smart search suggestions, reveals correlating terms, and visual linkages for you to explore. If this seems like too many moving parts for a simple goal- don’t fret! It can also simply find words and phrases within multiple PDFs and show you their exact location.

There are three different tiers to SEEKER software: free, personal, and professional.

The good news is that SEEKER’s free version is truly free- no downloading required. All you’ll need to do is make a free online account with your email address and a password to begin uploading your PDFs.

You can sign up here now!

Why is Thorough and Accurate PDF Search Important?

Thorough and accurate PDF searches are important because you’re making decisions assuming that you’re seeing all of the information. While some PDF search tools exclude buzz terms, SEEKER considers everything. 

Maybe you’re a lawyer making sure that certain terms are excluded in case files, or perhaps you’re a researcher trying to visualize every possible correlation between two terms. Either way, you want to make sure all of your information is factored into your search results.

How Can SEEKER Search Within PDFs?

We’ll walk you through an example of how SEEKER can search within PDFs by using thousands of pages of case documents from the O.J. Simpson Trial (Note this is just one example of public data sets available to search through in SEEKER). 

Let’s say you’re trying to identify specific passages and quotes relating to case evidence. For now, you’ll just search for particular evidence relating to the iconic white Ford Bronco(s) that were driven during the chase and found at Simpson’s home.


searching for "bronco" in SEEKER


You’ll see that when typing in “bronco,” SEEKER will give you generated suggestions based on your uploaded documents. With the folders selected containing the PDFs, we’ll begin our search.


"bronco" refined search results after using "HyperNAV" feature


SEEKER identified 1,000 matching search results. You can see the specific PDF document it is pulling from and the page number on this page. 


"bronco" search results in SEEKER


In SEEKER’s professional version, you can add a “thumbs up” or “thumbs down” to passages to provide feedback to the system on what results are helpful to you. From there, you can re-run the search with your passage votes. We found quite a few passages about evidence and the Bronco(s). 

Let’s jump over to the HyperNAV tab to see what connections can be seen visually tied to “bronco.”


"bronco" HyperNav SEEKER search results

We can see that “mr. cochran”, “simpson,” and “blood” are all closely connected with “bronco.” We can look at connected nodes, search results from this page, and insights. Insights are like regular nodes, except that they represent terms and phrases that may not be found in the currently filtered passages, yet they are correlated to the results.

Seeing that “blood” is highly connected to “bronco,” let’s re-run a search with “blood” selected as a term.


"bronco" and "blood" search results in SEEKER


There are 190 search results for “blood” and “bronco” in these documents. This helps narrow down the specific evidence related to “bronco” in these documents by moving you closer to your search intent.

In summary, SEEKER is the best-advanced PDF search tool in 2022.

Here are some of our favorite features:

  • It’s a quick, easy way to search through your PDF documents.
  • There is a free version of SEEKER.
  • No download is required!
  • You can see suggested terms, concepts, and auto-generated phrases based on your search term or phrase.
  • You can view a snippet of the document without needing to open it.
  • You can see your correlated data visually.
  • Your data is cyber-secure, ensuring that you can upload confidential documents.

Learn more about how SEEKER can be used to improve your search results!

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